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Almost everything on this web is available for for public users, but only registered users can create new map locations, calendar events and forum posts.



Users have to fill in all required information during registration process (menu item "Account/Create an account"), but the e-mail address is important from two reasons. First: account is activated only after clicking on link sent to user via activation e-mail. Second: message is delivered to provided e-mail box each time visitor uses "Contact the owner" form located in location's detail page.

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    Držím palce! Vařím ve Vranově u Stříbra 20.4.2024
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    Prepač že som neodpisoval. Malo chodím sem. 5.1.2024
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    Tohle ja naprosto skvělě vysvětlené. Díky moc. 24.8.2023
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    Zdravim Suraku, vaříš stále? Saraf, Hrabice 6.1.2023
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    Zdravím,ty vaše www.nefunguji,máte nějaké věci... 7.11.2022